Research projects and activities

The group participated and participates in a number of research projects and contracts, at both national and international level, as well as industry-funded. Among them, the largest projects have been the EU-funded FP7 project Adhocsys, aimed at creating a network to provide broadband services to rural and mountain regions, the “Driving behavior signal processing based on large scale real world database” project funded by the Japanese “New energy and industrial technology development organization” grant group, the “Vehicle-to-Vehicle-to-Infrastructure Communication for Sustainable Urban Mobility” (Vicsum), the “Framework Automation Real-time Open Source” (FAROS) funded by the Piedmont region. The Internet Media Group is also involved in the EU-funded FP7 S2EuNet project which aim at fostering the collaboration between a number of institutions located in four different continents on the theme of services over next generation wireless networks. Collaborations of the group with the industrial world include partners such as the research division of ST Microelectronics, the Telecom Italia laboratories in Torino and Cedeo, the company founded by Leonardo Chiariglione. The group is also particularly active in the VQEG JEG-Hybrid group of the Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG).

Some results of the group’s research activities have also been implemented in hardware and software projects such as LScube, a complete software suite for multimedia streaming over IP networks, which is now being actively developed by the recently founded start-up “Axant” based in Torino, and ViCoTrA, a real-time analyser (on a DSP board) of the complete video coding and transmission chain.

The group also organized in 2006 in Istanbul, Turkey, the First Multimedia Communications Workshop, sponsored by the IEEE ComSoc Multimedia Communications Technical Committee, in conjunction with the IEEE Intl. Conference on Communications (ICC) 2006.