Enrico Masala part of the S2EuNet workshop at University of Minnesota, USA

umn_mini Dr. Enrico Masala will give two presentations during the S2EuNet project workshop on “Wireless Communication and Networking” at University of Minnesota (UMN), Minneapolis, USA, 21-22 October 2013. The titles of the presentations are “Performance Optimization of Dynamic Adaptive Streaming over HTTP (DASH)” and “Designing a Low-Cost Low-Latency Wireless 3D Video Feedback System for Remote Control Applications”.

The activity is within the context of the FP7 People/Irses S2EuNet Project “Security, Services, Networking and Performance of Next-Generation IP-Based Multimedia Wireless Networks”. ( http://s2eunet.org ) The project fosters research collaboration of Politecnico with extra-EU partner institutions by funding mobility of research students, post-doc and faculty.