Seminar “Visual information retrieval: methods, systems, and applications” by prof. Oleg Starostenko

oleg_mini The Internet Media Group will host the seminar “Visual information retrieval: methods, systems, and applications” given by prof. Oleg Starostenko on Thursday 13 June 2013, h. 15:00, in “meeting room 3″ (4th floor), at the Dip. Automatica e Informatica, Politecnico di Torino. The seminar is open to anyone interested in the topics.

The activity is within the context of the FP7 People/Irses S2EuNet Project “Security, Services, Networking and Performance of Next-Generation IP-Based Multimedia Wireless Networks” ( The project fosters research collaboration of Politecnico with extra-EU partner institutions by funding mobility of research students, post-doc and faculty. For more information contact Enrico or Antonio of the Internet Media Group.

Abstract: Recently, a quick increasing the amount and complexity of digital collections on Web requires the development of new treatment and search engines, methods and algorithms for multimedia information retrieval. Usually, the low-level features of images such as color, texture and shape are used for visual information processing. “High-level” methods try to recognize particular patterns and interpret content of whole image in order to make retrieval more efficient and reduce the number of searching iterations with nonsense results. In this presentation some proposed hybrid approaches for visual information retrieval are discussed. They combine image low-level feature analysis with semantic descriptors of image content providing machine-understandable semantics for search, access, and retrieval of multimedia data using ontology. The results of our research may be used for development of image retrieval facilities such as, systems for supporting digital image processing services, design of software for high performance exchange of multimedia material within distributed collaborative and learning environments, distance education, digital libraries; design of searching facilities for personalized information among federated collections; image based navigators, etc.

Short bio: Oleg Starostenko is professor of Department of Computing, Electronics and Mechatronics at Universidad de las Américas Puebla (UDLAP), Mexico. He received his BSc and MC degrees in Computer science from Lviv State University of Ukraine in 1982 and Ph.D. degree in Science (Mathematics, Physics and Optoelectronics) from the University BUAP in Mexico in 1996. He is an author of more than 180 research articles in several refereed journals, books, and conference proceedings. His current research fields are the access, retrieval, transmission, and processing of multimedia information in distributed environments applied to diverse areas such as human-computer interaction, computer vision, medicine, biology, robotics, education, etc. Oleg Starostenko has participated in more than 15 research projects and now he is a member of research group in of two European Grants: Security, Services, Networking and Performance of Next Generation IP-based Multimedia Wireless Networks and Cloud computing-based Advisory Services towards Energy-efficient manufacturing Systems. He belongs to the Mexican National System of Researchers (SNI Level I) and he was an adviser of 4 PhD, 20 Master and 75 Bachelor students that successfully have completed their carriers